Tea Tree Deodorant


Tea Tree Deodorant


–     Deodorant

–     Blemish Relief

–     Anti-Itch Mosquito Bite Relief


–  The Tea Tree Deodorant alleviates underarm odor while keeping skin feeling rejuvenated. It is not an antiperspirant to allow the body to eliminate toxins naturally. This creamy paste can also be used to reduce redness of blemishes as well as soothe itchy bug bites.

*Residue may be left on clothing if a large amount of the deodorant has been used. The residue comes out when washed.

How to Use:

  • (For Deodorant) Apply half pea sized amount under the arms
  • (For Blemish Relief) Apply small dot to pimple to reduce redness
  • (For Anti-Itch Mosquito Bite Relief) Apply half pea sized amount on mosquito bite to relieve itchiness



  • Organic Arrowroot, Bentonite/Montmorillonite Clay, Organic Unrefined Wildcrafted Coconut Oil (virgin), Organic Ivory Shea Butter, Organic Essential Tea Tree Oil

*All of our ingredients come from natural sources and are subject to variations in color, texture and scent. The variances from batch to batch are normal but product quality will remain the same.



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